About iliano.com

Iliano.com started out as my personal website, way back in 1996. Later two sites were added: a site about our vacation home rental called Le Pachis, and one on dyslexia by my wife Jenny.

However, I felt a bit selfish keeping the domain iliano.com just for myself. So I decided to share this domain with other people who have the Iliano surname. So if your name is Iliano, I can create an email address like yourfirstname@iliano.com that forwards to your actual email address. If the interest is there, websites like yourfirstname.iliano.com are a possibility too. Cost will be either nil or negligible. If somebody is interested, just contact me. You can find my contact details on my website.

About sites that used to be here

The sites that used to be hosted at iliano.com have moved to their own places:

I want to make a contribution to advance our common human enterprise towards better lives. I see my mission as rationalizing the business of improving lives. That means finding the key variables, plus practical roadmaps for leaders in government, business and nonprofit to pursue policies to improve lives as much as possible for as many as possible.

Jenny is passionate about child development and giving children an optimal start in life.

This is Jenny's practical synthesis about dyslexia from a positive perspective.

This site is about vacation home rental, where we propose about a number of vacation homes for rent in our region. The site has full descriptions of all homes with plenty of pictures and has lots of information on things to do and see in the area.

Vacation homes site in Dutch. Hier kan je nog veel meer vakantiewoningen vinden, in zowat heel Europa.

Paul Iliano